108 heavy sliding door series-2 door
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108 heavy sliding door series-2 door

Frame width: two tracks: 118x38mm/ three tracks 176x38 Door cover line width: 65/85/95 Sliding door leaf: 108X46mm Diamond mesh thickness: 0.8mm (gray 1 black/stainless steel) Push-pull rail: marble rail / bottom rail: 14mm / high rail: 38mm Glass assembly method: moisture-proof aluminum strip + molecular sieve + butyl rubber + polysulfide rubber Glass specification: door leaf/fixed: 5mm+27A+5mm
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  • 110 fan material ultra-wide and thick aluminum alloy profile design, strong compression resistance, high water density;


    It is suitable for super high door fans (the maximum size of each fan is 1500mm x 3800mm), which greatly improves the daylighting and permeability, and makes the landscape vision more smooth and broad;


    The appearance is atmospheric, high-end fluorocarbon automotive grade paint and Italian imported wood grain paint finish, the color is bright and does not change color for 15 years, multi-color selection, personalized color and double can be customized


    Color processing, superior performance. European technology, pure imported hardware accessories, luxurious big handle, big handle, small handle and concealed lock, can be equipped with lifting control system;


    The width of the profile notch can be configured with hollow shutters, wood carving through flowers, three-layer sound insulation glass or bulletproof glass and supporting mosquito nets; aluminum alloy high and low rails, marble rails; two rails,


    Three-track push-pull function; EPDM high-performance sealing tape, siliconized waterproof water-proof top, 27A super insulating glass sound insulation effect;


    Can be equipped with electric or manual shutters.

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